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A Rose By Any Other Name

By January 23, 2013

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I want to know about the first person that tried eating a rose. It had to happen that way, right? I imagine some curious gent was walking through a garden hundreds of years ago, spied a beautiful, blooming rose, and decided to take a nibble. Well, he spread the word, roses caught on in the culinary world, and fast-forward to the present day, and we now have rose-flavored desserts and candies, all thanks to Mr. Flower Muncher.

I don't know if any of that actually happened (in fact I'm 98% sure it didn't) but however rose desserts came to be, I'm grateful. I wasn't always sold on the whole floral flavoring thing, but that's only because I'd had some bad floral candies--you know, the ones that taste like they belong in a soap dish. Done properly, floral candies can be delicate and delicious. These Rose Lollipops are a perfect example of rose candies done right. They're lovely hard candy lollipops with a rose flavor that's pronounced but not overwhelming. Try making them in a few different colors and arranging them in a vase to make a gorgeous, edible flower bouquet!

Get the recipe: Rose Lollipops

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