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April Fool's Day Truffles - Candy - About.com
This truffle recipe features an unpleasant April Fool's Day surprise on the inside —a cotton ball! The idea for this candy comes from my mother, who once ...
April Fools Day - Origin and History - Urban Legends
Mar 31, 2014 ... A brief primer on the origin and history of April Fools Day, including memorable pranks from years past.
History of April Fool's Day and Joke Inventions - Inventors - About.com
Some people didn't believe the change in the date so they continued to celebrate New Year's Day on April first - others played tricks on them and called them ...
Google April Fool's Day Jokes and Pranks - About.com
Google loves a good April Fool's Day joke. Sometimes the joke is even that it isn't a joke. Every year this list gets longer. Take a tour of some of the many, many ...
Pesce d'Aprile! April Fool's Day In Italy - Italian Language - About.com
In Italy, as in much of the world, April 1st is traditionally a day of practical jokes, pranks, and silliness. The origin of this custom is ancient and ambiguous, but one  ...
April Fool's Day in Russia – Celebrate April Fool Day ... - Russia Travel
Peter I first officially recognized the holiday as April Fool's day. Since those times, the holiday is well-recognized in Russia as a day designated for joy, laughter, ...
April Fool's Day Quiz - Homeschooling - About.com
How much do you know about April Fool's Day? Learn all about April Fool's Day and then test your foolish knowledge.
April Fool's Day - Quotations - About.com
This April Fool's Day, don't get caught unawares. Prepare to surprise the pranksters, and turn the tables on them. This article tells you all about April Fool's Day ...
April Fools' Day Pranks to Play on Your Kids
If anyone should have a good time on April Fools' Day, it's your preschooler. Always happy to be part of a joke, make her laugh when you you play some of these ...
Childrens Books about April Fools Day - Children's Books - About.com
Here are some of the children's books about April Fools' Day that I recommend. They include picture books and children's books for beginning readers.
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