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Candy Reviews - Reviews of Chocolate and Sugar Candies
28 Articles in: Candy Reviews - Reviews of Chocolate and Sugar Candies. Hotel Chocolat - (c) 2010 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to About.com, ...
Review of Melville Candy Company Lollipops - About.com
A review of barley sugar lollipops and honey tea spoons from the Melville Candy Company.
Review of Vertigo Lollipops from Topps Candy - Candy Review
Vertigo pops are available in three flavors--cookies and cream, caramel, and strawberry--and combine a hard candy pop with a layer of chocolate. Vertigo ...
Review of Candy Pedals by Crank Brothers - Bicycling - About.com
Here is a review of the Candy Pedals by Crank Brothers. Read about the changes they have made in their Eggbeater pedals and if you should buy one.
Top 4 Candy, Jelly and Deep-Fat Fry Thermometers - Home Cooking
Guide Picks - Top 4 Candy, Jelly and Deep-Fat Fry Thermometers for Home ... About.com · About Food · Home Cooking · Kitchen Equipment Product Reviews ...
Rock Candy Xbox 360 Controller Review - Portable Electronics
Performance Designed Products' Rock Candy Xbox 360 controller attempts to provide gamers with an affordable alternative.
Zachary Flavored Candy Corn Review - About.com
Review of flavored candy corn varieties. Zachary candy corn varieties include tangerine, cherry, raspberry, raspberry lemonade, caramel, caramel apple, and ...
Bed Head Candy Fixations Glaze Haze by TIGI Product Review ...
Check out my review of Bed Head Candy Fixations Glaze Haze by TIGI and find out what I thought of this anti-frizz, smoothing serum.
Review of Push Pops Candy - About.com
A review of Push Pops Candy products by Topps Confections.
Review of Rose City Chocolates - Candy - About.com
A review of an assorted box of truffles from Rose City Chocolates. ... The whole candy has a great fruit taste and a nice balance of flavors and textures. Rose City  ...
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