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Floral Candy Recipes - About.com
Taste the flower power! This list of floral candies includes rose candies, lavender candies, violet candies, and more! Give one of these recipes a try and fall in ...
How to Make Candied Flowers - Candy - About.com
They add a delicate floral flavor and a beautiful appearance to any dessert. For an easily printable recipe, please see the Candied Flowers recipe page.
Candied Flowers Recipe - How to Make Candied Flowers ... - Candy
Candied Flowers are beautiful, edible flowers that are coated with a thin layer of egg white and sugar to preserve them. Candied or crystallized flowers add a ...
How to Make Candied Flowers - Candy - About.com
A step by step photo tutorial showing how to make candied flowers, also known as ... Chocolate Assortment - Elizabeth LaBau ... Fondant Candy Recipes ...
Finish the Frosting Flowers - Candy - About.com
Photo tutorial showing how to finish the frosting flowers. ... Make Crunchy, Crowd- Pleasing Candy Apples with This Easy Recipe · Hard Candy Recipes ...
How to Make Frosting Flowers - Supplies - Candy - About.com
This tutorial will show you how to make small flowers, often called “wild roses,” out of frosting (final result pictured above). You can use any buttercream recipe to  ...
Chocolate Rose Decoration Guide - Make Chocolate Roses - Candy
Chocolate Roses are gorgeous, delicious lifelike flowers made out of a modeling material called chocolate plastic. Use this chocolate plastic recipe to create the ...
How to Make Honey Candies - List of Recipes - Candy - About.com
Honey adds a floral flavor as well as a rich sweetness to any candy recipe. If you want to get the most out of your honey, try using it in one of these candies, like ...
Sugar Candy Recipes - Hard Candy Recipes - Divinity ... - About.com
Lollypops, rock candy, taffy, licorice...these are just a sampling of the many treats you can make from simple sugar recipes.
Orange Flower Water Truffles Recipe - How to Make ... - Candy
Orange Flower Water Truffles get their exotic flavor from a mixture of orange flower water and cream infused with lemon and fresh mint leaves. These fruity, floral ...
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