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How to Make Fondant (Tutorial Slideshow) - Candy - About.com
Learn how to make fondant at home. The resulting fondant can be used for cream centers, dipped fondant candies, rolled fondant, or poured fondant.
Fondant and Cream Candy Recipes Index - About.com
Fondant is a candy paste that's used for molding figures, covering cakes, and making cream fillings. These fondant recipe range from basic fondants that are ...
Uncooked Fondant Recipe (For Candies and Fillings) - Candy
This is a quick and easy recipe for making fondant candies and creams. You can use this fondant recipe as a base and add coloring or flavored extract to create ...
Basic Homemade Fondant Recipe - Candy - About.com
This fondant recipe produces a smooth, sweet candy that can be used as the basis for an endless variety of fondant creams and candies. Be sure to check out  ...
Fondant Candy Recipes - About.com
Recipes for basic cooked and uncooked fondant candy.
Make Fondant Candies - How-to Videos - About.com
Fondant candy is a delicious treat that you can easily make in your own kitchen in less than an hour. Learn the steps for making fondant candies so that you can ...
Cream Fondant Candy Recipe - How to Make Cream Fondant
Fondant is one of the building blocks of candymaking. It can be rolled and shaped into decorations, or flavored and used as the base for many cream candies.
Fondant & Cream Candy Recipes - About.com
Sometimes, candies are only as good as their filling. Get the best recipes for smooth, flavored cream and fondant treats here.
Melt Fondant to Make Fondant Candies - Candy - About.com
Fondant can also be melted and poured to create soft centers and molded fondant candies. It is best to melt fondant in a double boiler so that it does not ...
Pour the Fondant to Make Fondant Candies - Candy - About.com
Once the fondant is melted and smooth, pour it into your desired receptacle. Fondant can be poured directly into small candy cups and topped with other candies ...
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