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Fruit Candy Recipes - Fruity Candies - How to Make Fruit Candies
Fresh or dried fruit can transform an average candy into a decadent treat. Here you will find fruit candy recipes involving fresh, dried, and candied fruit, along with ...
Fruit Candy Recipes - How to Make Fruit Candies - Fruit ... - About.com
Fruits are a natural addition to these candy recipes. Whether you prefer citrus or tropical fruits, bananas or berries, you'll find the best fruit candy recipes right ...
Dried Fruit Candies - Candy Recipes With Dried Fruit - How to Make ...
Dried fruit is the perfect candy addition: bold and flavorful, it contains the natural sweetness, tang, and flavor of fruit in a small, chewy package. Whether it's tangy  ...
Fruit Jellies - Candy - About.com
Fruit juice and gelatin form the basis for these simple, flavorful candies.
Fruit Jelly Candy Recipe - About.com
Chewy, sweet and tart, these beautiful two-toned jellies feature two layers flavored with real fruit juice.
Mango Pātes de Fruits Chewy Candy Recipe - About.com
These chewy fruit squares are vibrant with the fresh taste of mango. The mango pulp used in this recipe can be purchased frozen from a supermarket, or can be ...
How to Make Strawberry Pate de Fruits Candy (Recipe) - About.com
Strawberry Pate de Fruits are chewy candy squares bursting with fresh strawberry flavor. For best results, use fresh ripe strawberries, but if they are not in season ...
Lemon Chews Starbursts Candy Recipe - About.com
Lemon Chews are wonderfully sweet-tart candies with a smooth, chewy ... You can use other extracts and food colors to make different flavors of fruit chews.
How to Make Strawberry Candies - Recipes - Candy - About.com
Glazed strawberries are fresh berries coated with a shiny candy shell, and they make a gorgeous decorative addition to a fruit platter, fruit tart, or berry cake.
Chocolate Fruit Candy Recipes - About.com
Chocolate candy recipes with fresh or dried fruit. ... These easy candies have only three ingredients: chocolate, coconut, and crisped rice cereal. The cereal ...
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