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Fruit Candy Recipes - Fruity Candies - How to Make Fruit Candies
Fresh or dried fruit can transform an average candy into a decadent treat. Here you will find fruit candy recipes involving fresh, dried, and candied fruit, along with ...
Fruit Candy Recipes - How to Make Fruit Candies - Fruit ... - About.com
Fruits are a natural addition to these candy recipes. Whether you prefer citrus or tropical fruits, bananas or berries, you'll find the best fruit candy recipes right ...
Dried Fruit Candies - Candy Recipes With Dried Fruit - How to Make ...
Dried fruit is the perfect candy addition: bold and flavorful, it contains the natural sweetness, tang, and flavor of fruit in a small, chewy package. Whether it's tangy  ...
Fruit Jellies - Candy - About.com
Fruit juice and gelatin form the basis for these simple, flavorful candies.
Fruit Jelly Candy Recipe - About.com
Chewy, sweet and tart, these beautiful two-toned jellies feature two layers flavored with real fruit juice.
Mango Pātes de Fruits Chewy Candy Recipe - About.com
These chewy fruit squares are vibrant with the fresh taste of mango. The mango pulp used in this recipe can be purchased frozen from a supermarket, or can be ...
How to Make Strawberry Pate de Fruits Candy (Recipe) - About.com
Strawberry Pate de Fruits are chewy candy squares bursting with fresh strawberry flavor.
Lemon Chews Starbursts Candy Recipe - About.com
Lemon Chews are wonderfully sweet-tart candies with a smooth, chewy ... You can use other extracts and food colors to make different flavors of fruit chews.
Gummy and Gelatin Candy Recipe Index - About.com
"Gummy" or "jelly" candies are made with a base of gelatin and are often flavored with fruit juices or extracts. The gelatin gives them a distinctive chewy texture ...
Chocolate Fruit Candy Recipes - About.com
Chocolate candy recipes with fresh or dried fruit. ... These easy candies have only three ingredients: chocolate, coconut, and crisped rice cereal. The cereal ...
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