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How to Melt Chocolate - Methods and Tips - Candy - About.com
Melting chocolate is essential for many candy recipes. Here you will learn different methods for melting chocolate successfully.
Common Chocolate Mistakes and Fixes - Candy - About.com
When chocolate melts, it is ideally a smooth, satiny, homogenous mixture. However, if it comes into contact with even a small amount of water, it will “seize,” or ...
Chocolate Candymaking Equipment Guide - About.com
One of the most important elements for chocolate work is melting equipment. A double boiler is most commonly used. This tool usually consists of a saucepan ...
How to Melt Chocolate - Busy Cooks - About.com
Never allow any water to come in contact with the melting chocolate, unless the chocolate is being melted in a large amount of water (2 tablespoons water per ...
How to Melt Chocolate - Tips for Melting Chocolate - Local Foods
There are two easy ways to melt chocolate, both outlined here.
How to Melt Chocolate - Desserts and Baking on About.com
Here are the simple instructions to help you melt chocolate.
The Best Way to Melt Chocolate - Photo Tutorial - Local Foods
See the hands-down absolutely best and easiest way to melt chocolate here.
Melting Chocolate - Simmering Water for Melting Chocolate
Melting chocolate in warm water helps melt it evenly and avoid burning.
Tempering Chocolate Shortcut Process - Candy - About.com
By carefully melting the chocolate at low temperatures, it is possible to retain the temper. First, ensure that your chocolate is indeed tempered: carefully examine ...
Melt Chocolate in a Microwave - How-to Videos - About.com
Melting chocolate in the microwave is the quickest and cleanest way there is, but chocolate is delicate, and it's very easy to mess this up. Follow this simple ...
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