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How to Make Toffee Candy - Recipe Collection - About.com
If you're a toffee addict, you'll love this list of our top toffee recipes. This list has old, traditional favorites as well as more unusual toffee variations like sesame ...
Toffee Candy Recipe Index - About.com
Toffee recipes galore! Check out this list of homemade toffee recipes, including classic like English toffee, almond toffee, and saltine toffee.
Toffee Candy Recipes - About.com
Toffee recipes of all types, including many chocolate and nut variations.
Buttery Nut Toffee Recipe - How to Make Buttery Nut Toffee - Candy
This recipe for Buttery Nut Toffee produces a rich, dark toffee studded with crunchy nuts. An optional dipping of melted chocolate adds a smooth, sweet finishing ...
Classic English Toffee Candy Recipe - About.com
This classic toffee is buttery and rich, and pairs very well with dark chocolate. ... showing how to make toffee and the accompanying toffee video recipe.
Caramel & Toffee Recipes - Candy - About.com
Caramel and toffee candies are versatile and easy to make. Here are some techniques and recipes for classic caramelized candies and nontraditional variations ...
Brown Sugar Toffee Recipe - Candy - About.com
Brown Sugar Toffee has a deep, rich, caramelized taste from the brown sugar in the recipe. A generous helping of nuts adds toasted flavor and crunch. If you like  ...
Chocolate Toffee Bars Recipe - How to Make Chocolate Toffee Bars ...
Chocolate Toffee Bars combine the best of both worlds: crunchy, sweet toffee and smooth, bittersweet chocolate. This recipe calls for 1 batch of Peanut Butter ...
Hazelnut Toffee Recipe - How to Make Hazelnut Toffee - Toffee ...
Hazelnut Toffee features roasted hazelnuts in a buttery, crunchy toffee drizzled with sweet milk chocolate.
Cinnamon Hazelnut Toffee Recipe - How to Make ... - Candy
This rich, buttery toffee is studded with toasted hazelnuts and scented with cinnamon, then topped with semi-sweet chocolate.
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