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Candy Basics

This is Candy 101: I'll cover basic vocabulary, ingredients, and techniques to get you started making your very own candy.
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How to Roast, Skin, and Chop Nuts
Nuts are a great addition to candy, and it is important to know how to properly skin, chop, roast, and store all types of nuts.

How to Test Your Candy Thermometer
How to Test Your Candy Thermometer. Instructions for testing your candy thermometer in boiling water to determine accuracy.

Illustrated Candy Temperature Guide
Visual example of each of the stages of cooked sugar syrup.

Candy Temperature Guide
Knowing the temperature of your candy is essential to producing successful treats. Here you can find a description of the various "stages" of candy and their corresponding temperatures.

Adjusting Candy Temperatures for High Altitude Cooking
A quick guide to adjusting candy temperatures for high altitude cooking. Learn the formula for figuring out your candy temperature conversion.

An Illustrated Guide to Helpful Candy Tools
A picture gallery of helpful tools and equipment for making candy at home.

Candy Making for Beginners
If you are interested in making candy at home, these tips and instructions will provide all the information you need to get started making delicious sugar and chocolate candies.

Tips for Candy Success
Five tips to ensure successful candymaking.

Royal Icing
This simple royal icing recipe produces a white, hard icing that can be used to decorate candies, cookies, cakes, and gingerbread houses.

Microwave Candy Recipes
Sometimes candymaking is about the joy of being in the kitchen, about watching the hot cream melt chocolate into smooth ganache, or about stirring caramel on the stove until it reaches the perfect temperature. But let's face it, sometimes you just want instant gratification! These microwave candy recipes are fast to make and require just a few...

Paper Cone
Paper Cone instructions. Learn how to make a paper cone, also called a paper cornet, to use for piping frosting and chocolate in cake decorating and candy making.

Annie Forsyth - Guest Author for About.com Candy
Meet Annie Forsyth, an About.com Candy Guest Author. Annie is an expert in creating candies using natural sweeteners.

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