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Fondant Cream Candy Recipes

Recipes for flavored fondant cream candies.

Very Vanilla Creams
Very Vanilla Creams pack intense flavor into a small package. These smooth cream candies feature four different vanilla ingredients for the ultimate in pure vanilla taste.

Raspberry Creams
Raspberry Creams are fondant candy centers bursting with fresh berry flavor. Try them dipped in chocolate or rolled in nuts!

Lime Creams
Lime Creams are a zesty, refreshing cream fondant candy dipped in smooth white chocolate.

Violet Creams
This fondant-based candy has a soft floral scent and a delicate taste.

Chocolate Fondant
Uncooked fondant gets a boost from the addition of melted semisweet chocolate.

Maple Creams
Maple extract gives these smooth candies their distinctive taste. Try them dipped in chocolate or paired with toasted nuts.

Lemon Creams
Lemon and chocolate are a refreshing combination featured in this cream candy.

Peppermint Patties
Dark chocolate encloses a creamy minty center in these candies that are reminiscent of York Peppermint Patties.

Fondant Sweet Hearts
These adorable heart-shaped cream candies are dipped in bittersweet chocolate and decorated with fondant cut-outs.

Honey Fondant
Honey Fondant Recipe. Honey Fondant is a smooth, creamy fondant filling that's perfect for making cream candies and dipping in chocolate.

Peanut Buter Fondant
Peanut Butter Fondant makes a smooth, rich peanut butter cream filling, perfect for dipping in chocolate.

Raspberry Fondant
Raspberry Fondant is made with fresh raspberries, so it packs plenty of flavor into these smooth raspberry creams. They’re delicious on their own,...

Apricot Fondant
Apricot Fondant has finely chopped apricots, and a dash of almond and orange flavor in these smooth, melting apricot creams. Try rolling apricot...

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