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How to Make Fondant


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Create Fondant-Dipped Candies

Dipping fruit in melted fondant

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Melted fondant can also be used to create fondant-dipped candies. You can dip many different types of fruit (strawberries, grapes, citrus segments, or apple slices), large nuts, or even fondant balls!

To dip fondant, prepare a baking sheet by covering it with a sheet of aluminum foil. Make sure that the items you are dipping are dry (and in the case of fruit, clean). Using two forks, submerge the fruit, nuts, or fondant balls in the melted fondant and remove it, scraping the bottom against the lip of the pan to remove excess chocolate. Place the dipped candy onto the prepared baking sheet, and repeat for remaining fondant. It is important to work quickly so that the fondant does not harden too much in the pan. If the fondant does get too stiff, it can be briefly rewarmed over the double boiler to get it back to melting consistency.

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