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Gummy Candy Recipes

Making your own gelatin-based candies can seem intimidating at first. Here, the process is demystified you'll find great recipes for jellies, gummies, and more. You'll never need to buy marshmallows at the store again!

Blueberry Gummies
Blueberry Gummies get their fruit flavor from blue gelatin and a hidden surprise--a fresh blueberry inside the candy!

Gummy and Gelatin Candy Recipe Index
Here you will find an index of all gummy and gelatin candy recipes.

Sugar-free Gummy Candy
These gummies have all of the taste but none of the sugar of the storebought originals.

Jelly Pumpkins
Making Halloween candy couldn’t be easier! Two types of gumdrop candies are combined to make jelly pumpkins in this simple, fast Halloween recipe.

Licorice Gummies
Licorice Gummies combine the flavors of anise and cherry for a fun, vibrant red licorice candy.

Sour Gummies
These mouth-puckering gummy candies can be made in any flavor you desire. Roll them in sugar to take the edge off their sourness.

Gummy Worms
Gummy worms are a fun childhood favorite that are easy to make at home. These wriggly worms are flavored with raspberry and orange juice.

Double Fruit Jellies
Chewy, sweet and tart, these beautiful two-toned jellies feature two layers flavored with real fruit juice.

Pomegranate Jewels
Pomegranate juice gives these beautiful jellies their tangy taste and vibrant color.

Cinnamon Gumdrops
Spicy, sweet, and chewy, cinnamon gumdrops are a fun twist on the traditional fruit-flavored gumdrop.

Strawberry Jujubes
These chewy, fruity gelatin-based treats take their name from the store-bought candy, often sold in movie theaters.

Gummy candies
These chewy gummies are incredibly easy to make, and are more flavorful than store-bought gummy candies.

Fruit Jellies
Fruit juice and gelatin form the basis for these simple, flavorful candies.

Cola Gummies
Cola Gummies are fun bottle-shaped gummy candies with the taste of real cola!

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