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Healthy Candy Options

Looking for the skinny on low-sugar, low-calorie, or low-carb candy? Look no further! Check out these recipes and tips for making indulgent candy, minus the guilt.
Sugar-Free Chocolate Nut Clusters
Sugar-free chocolate and nuts are mixed to make these easy, delicious cluster candies.
Licorice Gummies
Sugar-free, low-calorie Licorice Gummies combine the flavors of anise and cherry for a fun, vibrant red licorice candy.
Peanutty Bars
These treats have intense peanut taste and are made with a sugar substitute.
Replacement for Powdered Sugar
Describes how to create a powdered sugar replacement from Splenda sugar substitute.
Sugarfree Fudge Balls
Chocolate candies dipped in melted chocolate make for a double delight. This recipe uses sugar replacers and sugarfree melting chocolate.
Sugarfree White Chocolate Peanuts
This candy recipe features white chocolate and peanut butter, molded into cute peanut shapes.
Sugar-free Gummy Candy
These gummies have all of the taste but none of the sugar of the storebought originals.
Diabetic Fudge
This recipe uses Splenda sugar substitute to make it appropriate for those on a reduced-sugar diet.
Low-carb chocolate kisses
These low-carb chocolate kisses are a rich and creamy treat that taste like ice cream!
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