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S'mores Pops


S'mores Pops
(c) 2014 Elizabeth LaBau

S'mores Pops combine three classic S'mores tastes—marshmallow, chocolate, and graham—into one delicious package. Try mixing it up by using cinnamon or chocolate graham crackers, or using a different kind of chocolate. These are great for parties, picnics, or campouts!

I like to make my S'mores Pops with toasted marshmallows, to give them an authentic taste, but to make these easier and faster, you can skip the toasting step and make it with regular marshmallows. They'll still taste great!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 18 6" skewers


  • 36 large marshmallows
  • 9 large graham cracker sheets
  • 9 ounces chocolate candy coating or chopped chocolate
  • 18 wooden skewers


1. Prepare two cookie sheets by lining them with aluminum foil. Arrange the marshmallows on the baking sheets. If you have a kitchen torch, use it to toast the marshmallows until they are a deep golden brown. If you don't, turn on your oven broiler and broil the marshmallows for about 1 minute, until puffed and dark brown, watching them carefully so they don't burn. Allow the marshmallows to cool completely. 

2. Place the graham crackers in a food processor and process them until they are in crumbs, or crush them in a plastic bag with a rolling pin. I like to leave some larger crumbs for visual and taste appeal, but the final texture is up to you.

3. Melt the chocolate candy coating in the microwave. If you are using real chocolate, consider tempering the chocolate. This step is optional, but it helps the chocolate stay hard and shiny at room temperature.

4. Thread two toasted marshmallows on each skewer. Using a large spoon, drizzle the marshmallows with melted chocolate, turning to make sure the candy is entirely coated. Tap the skewer against the lip of the bowl several times to remove excess chocolate.

5. Hold the skewer above the graham crackers in one hand, and with the other, pick up graham cracker crumbs and sprinkle them on the wet chocolate, making sure to cover every side of the candy. I like to leave a little chocolate showing at the bottom, but you can cover them completely in crumbs if yo'd like.

6. Gently place the finished candy on the foil-covered cookie sheet, and repeat with remaining skewers. Refrigerate until the chocolate isset, about 10 minutes.

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