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Kid-Friendly Candy Recipes


Kids and candy go hand-in-hand, but sometimes homemade candy recipes can be too technical or dangerous for young kitchen assistants. These simple and safe kid-friendly recipes are a great way to introduce children to the joys of candymaking, and everyone in the family will enjoy eating the final product!

1. Candy Pizza

Candy Pizza
(c) 2008 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to About.com, Inc.
This candy pizza recipe is easy and fun for kids to make, and tastes as great as it looks! Chocolate is mixed with mini marshmallows and crispy cereal to form a chewy, crunchy, chocolatey crust, and is topped with candied fruit or candies, coconut, and drizzles of white chocolate.

2. Rocky Road Candy

Elizabeth LaBau
These classic Rocky Road drop candies feature dark chocolate, chewy marshmallows and toasted nuts. You can experiment with adding different nuts, chunks of white chocolate, or dried fruit to the mix.

3. Oreo Truffles

oreo truffles
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This recipe for oreo truffles calls for only three ingredients. Kids can help roll the balls and dip the candies, and they’ll like the familiar taste of oreos in cookie form.

4. Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels

chocolate pretzels
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Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels are easy to make, and the combination of sweet chocolate and salty, crunchy pretzels is fantastic. Let kids choose the toppings and go to town adding sprinkles, nuts, coconut, or whatever else you can think of!

5. Chocolate Clay

Chocolate Clay recipe
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Chocolate Clay is a delicious chocolate-peanut butter candy paste that can be used as an edible Play-Doh. Your kids will have trouble deciding whether they’d rather play with it or eat it!

6. Turtle Candies

Turtles Candy
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Turtle Candies get their name from their whimsical turtle shape. The combination of toasted pecans, soft caramel and smooth chocolate is impossible to resist.

7. Chocolate Cherry Mice

Chocolate Cherry Mice
(c) 2011 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Chocolate Cherry Mice are adorable chocolate-covered cherries, decorated with chocolate kisses and almonds so that they look like candy mice! This is a great candy to make with kids, because it doesn't require any cooking and only minimal assembly.

8. Tiger Fudge

tiger fudge
(c) 2007 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to About.com

Tiger Fudge is a peanut butter and chocolate treat made from only three ingredients. It looks so sophisticated and tastes so good, no one will ever guess how easy it is to make.

9. Rock Candy

rock candy
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Rock candy is a simple sugar candy that can double as a science experiment. The process can take up to a week, but it’s fun to watch the sugar crystals growing over time.

10. Sweet Potatoes Candy

Irish Candy Potatoes photo
(c) 2011 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to About.com, Inc.

Young helpers will enjoy shaping the potatoes; and rolling them in the cinnamon mixture. These candies don't contain actual potatoes, but they do feature an unusual but delicious cinnamon-coconut combination.

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