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Marshmallow Recipes

Homemade marshmallow recipes, including special flavorings and holiday variations.

Vanilla Bean Marshmallows
Vanilla Bean Marshmallows are light, fluffy marshmallows with a strong vanilla flavor and a speckled appearance from real vanilla seeds.

Marshmallow Candy Recipe Index
Here you will find an index of all marshmallow candy recipes.

How to Make Marshmallows
This photo tutorial will show you how to make marshmallows using step-by-step illustrated instructions. The marshmallow recipe used here produces light, fluffy marshmallows lightly scented with vanilla, but you can use any other flavors you desire.

What Are Marshmallows?
Definition of marshmallows from the About.com Guide to Candy.

How to Make Marshmallow Eggs
Marshmallow Eggs are a wonderful spring treat that are shaped using simple cornstarch molds.

Marshmallow Eggs
Marshmallow Eggs are a wonderful spring treat that are shaped using simple cornstarch molds.

Fudge-Dipped Mint Marshmallows
Fudge-Dipped Mint Marshmallows combine two classic candies and two popular flavors into one delicious confection. Soft, fluffy mint marshmallows are covered with a layer of rich chocolate fudge, to produce a refreshing candy that packs a big taste into a small two-bite package.

Cinnamon-Almond Marshmallows
Cinnamon-Almond Marshmallows are fluffy, plush marshmallows generously spiced with cinnamon and fragrant with almond flavor.

Lemon Marshmallows
This Lemon Marshmallows recipe produces a light, fluffy marshmallow sparkling with sweet-tart lemon flavor.

Marshmallow Pops
Marshmallow Pops are fun, whimsical, and make great gifts or party treats. Vanilla-scented marshmallows are coated with chocolate, cut into cute shapes, skewered on lollipop sticks, and decorated however you like.

Marshmallow Pops
Marshmallow Pops are a fun, whimsical candy that make great gifts or party treats. Vanilla-scented marshmallows are coated with chocolate, cut into cute shapes, skewered on lollipop sticks, and decorated however you like.

How to Make Marshmallow Fondant
Marshmallow Fondant is an easy fondant made of miniature marshmallows, water, and powdered sugar. This photo tutorial demonstrates how to make quick and easy marshmallow fondant.

Marshmallow Fondant
Marshmallow Fondant is an easy fondant made of miniature marshmallows, water, and powdered sugar. Its simple to make, and many prefer the taste over regular fondant.

Pumpkin Marshmallows
Pumpkin Marshmallows are soft, pillowy marshmallows that taste like pumpkin pie! Pumpkin puree and lots of spices give these homemade marshmallows a great autumn flavor.

S'mores Candy Recipes
S'mores aren't just for camping anymore! The flavors of these beloved campfire classic sandwiches--made from graham crackers, chocolate, and toasted marshmallows--produce great-tasting candies in all shapes and sizes. Try S'mores-influenced truffles, fudge, bark, and more.

Mango Marshmallows
This Mango Marshmallows recipe produces tender, light marshmallows bursting with vibrant mango flavor.

Marshmallow Recipes
Freshly made marshmallows are soft, pillowy, and subtly fragrant, while most store-bought marshmallows are more like chewy cardboard. Best of all, you can customize your marshmallows in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. These marshmallow recipes will make you a believer--and if you are more interested in quick-and-easy candy, there are recipes using purchased marshmallows as well.

Coconut Marshmallows
These sweet, fluffy coconut marshmallows are flavored with coconut extract and rolled in crunchy toasted coconut for a double dose of coconut flavor.

Fudge-Dipped Marshmallows (video)
A video recipe showing how to make fudge-dipped marshmallows.

Raspberry Sherbet Marshmallows
These marshmallows have a delicious raspberry flavor with a nice tart finish that comes from citric acid.

Orange Marshmallows
Orange puree and orange zest add a luscious citrus flavor to these soft, plush homemade marshmallows. Try them dipped in chocolate for a decadent treat!

Marshmallow Caramel Puffs
Marshmallows are dunked in fresh caramel and coated in nuts or coconut in this easy, delicious candy.

Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows
Marshmallows are even better when dipped in chocolate! Use purchased or homemade marshmallows for the quick and easy treat.

Coconut Marshmallow Fudge
This rich chocolately fudge gets a triple dose of coconut flavor from toasted coconut, coconut extract, and coconut-coated marshmallows.

Chocolate Marshmallows
Dark cocoa powder and a chocolate coating give these velvety chocolate marshmallows deep, dark chocolate taste.

Inside-Out S'mores
Inside-Out S’mores are a fun variation of the traditional S’mores recipe. Graham crackers and homemade marshmallows make a bite-sized sandwich that’s encased in dark chocolate.

Strawberry Marshmallows
Fresh strawberry puree makes these fluffy, heavenly marshmallows burst with fruit flavor. The texture of these marshmallows is amazingthey are so light, they give no resistance when you bite into them, and they practically melt in your mouth.

Marshmallow Chicks
Marshmallow Chicks are a delicious homemade version of Marshmallow Peeps! Learn how to make Marshmallow Peeps at home this Easter.

Candy Spiders
Candy Spiders are a fun, easy Halloween recipe. Marshmallows, rice cereal, and chocolate form delicious spiders that kids and adults will love to gobble!

Basic Marshmallows
These light, fluffy marshmallows are perfect for eating plain or using in any recipe that calls for marshmallows.

Decorative Marshmallows
These thin marshmallows are cut into festive shapes, perfect for parties or to give as gifts.

Red Hot Marshmallows
Spicy cinnamon marshmallows shaped like hearts are a great addition to a cup of hot chocolate. They look cute and give the chocolate a delicious cinnamon flavor.

Marshmallow Snowmen
These cute snowmen are made from large marshmallows and decorated with the candy of your choice.

Peanut Marshmallows
Peanut Marshmallows have a bold roasted peanut flavor in a fluffy, light marshmallow. These peanut marshmallows are practically begging to be...

Lavender-Vanilla Bean Marshmallows
Lavender-Vanilla Bean Marshmallows combine two beautifully subtle, elegant flavors in a lovely light purple marshmallow. The fresh marshmallows...

Key Lime Pie S'mores Bites
Key Lime Pie S’mores Bites feature tart lime-flavored marshmallows sandwiched between two graham cracker squares. The whole thing is dipped in...

Sweet Potato Marshmallows
Sweet Potato Marshmallows are a great way to use up leftover baked sweet potatoes or yams! Turn those sweet, creamy veggies into fluffy marshmallows scented with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Marshmallow Caramel Pops
Marshmallow Caramel Pops are an easy, kid-friendly candy featuring marshmallows covered in caramel and dunked in chocolate.

Chai Marshmallows
How to make homemade chai marshmallows, featuring the spicy taste of chai tea and ginger, cloves, and cinnamon.

Toasted Marshmallow Truffles
Toasted marshmallows are the stars in this white chocolate truffle recipe! Well-toasted marshmallows are mixed into the truffle batter and also used as a decoration.

Oreo Marshmallows
A recipe for homemade Oreo Marshmallow, with alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla marshmallow.

How to Make Polka Dot Milkshakes
Large marshmallows can be used to add polka dots to a milkshake glass to produce adorable polka dot milkshakes.

How to Make Marshmallow Flowers
Learn how to make easy flowers out of marshmallows and use them to decorate candies or cupcakes.

Blueberry Crisp Marshmallows
This Blueberry Crisp Marshmallow recipe features plush homemade marshmallow with a real blueberry swirl on top of a graham cracker crust.

Chocolate Mint Marshmallows
These homemade Chocolate Mint Marshmallows have a deep cocoa taste and a refreshing minty flavor.

Fluffernutter Candy
Fluffernutter Candy has a base of peanut butter fudge, topped with fresh vanilla marshmallow. It's cut into squares and left plain or dipped in chocolate.

S'mores Marshmallows
S'mores Marshmallows have three layers of marshmallow fun! A graham-flavored marshmallow base is topped by vanilla marshmallow and then chocolate, for a treat that perfectly mimics the flavors of s'mores.

Gingerbread Marshmallows
Gingerbread Marshmallows are soft homemade marshmallows flavored with ginger, cinnamon, and molasses. Cut them into gingerbread man shapes for extra fun!

Red Velvet Marshmallows
Red Velvet Marshmallows have the fluffy texture of homemade marshmallows and the cocoa-buttermilk taste of rich red velvet cake!

Honey Marshmallows
Honey Marshmallows have the deep, rich taste of honey and brown sugar in a light and fluffy marshmallow!

Rose Marshmallows
Rose Marshmallows are fluffy homemade marshmallows flavored with rose water. Try them plain or dipped in chocolate!

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