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Nougat Candy Recipes

Recipes for many different types of nougat candies.

Nougat Candy Recipe Index
Here is an index of all nougat candy recipes.

How to Make Nougat
This photo tutorial will show you how to make nougat using step-by-step illustrated instructions. The nougat recipe used here produces a chewy, delicately scented sweet confection studded with three kinds of crunchy nuts.

What is Nougat?
Definition of nougat from the About.com Guide to Candy.

Malted Milk Chocolate Nougat
Malted Milk Chocolate Nougat is a soft nougat with a slightly crumbly texture and a delicious chocolate malt flavor.

Nougat Ice Cream
Nougat ice cream has the great flavor of traditional almond nougat in a smooth, rich ice cream base.

Almond Honey Nougat
This recipe for Almond Honey Nougat produces a chewy, sweet confection studded with three kinds of crunchy nuts and scented with delicate extracts and orange flower water.

Persian Pistachio Nougat
This traditional nougat recipe features the flavors of pistachios and delicate rosewater.

Pistachio Nougat
Pistachio nougat has a robust pistachio flavor and a delicate green color to compliment the chewy sweet nougat.

White Chocolate Nougat
White chocolate nougat has a mild vanilla-white chocolate taste, and is packed with nuts and dried fruit. Try it as a candy bar filling!

Dark Chocolate Nougat
Dark Chocolate Nougat is a soft, fluffy nougat with a deep chocolate taste.

Homemade Torrone
Torrone, the classic Italian nougat, is easy to make at home! Learn how to make this honey-almond Torrone yourself.

Nutella Nougat
Nutella Nougat is a chocolate-hazelnut nougat with big chunks of toasted hazelnuts. Soft and fluffy, it makes a perfect candy bar filling.

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