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Chocolate Honeycomb


Chocolate Honeycomb
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This quick decorating trick produces a slab of chocolate with a graphic pattern that looks like honeycomb. It's cool on its own, of course, but it's also perfect for decorating cake and cupcakes. Use this technique to make garnishes for themed parties and desserts! You can use your favorite chocolate or candy coating, and be sure to check the bottom of the recipe for suggestions for adding patterns and colors to your Chocolate Honeycomb.

You can make this Chocolate Honeycomb in any size you like. The general rule is to use 1 oz of candy coating or chocolate for each square inch of bubble wrap.


  • 12 oz chocolate candy coating or chopped chocolate
  • 12-inch x 12-inch square of bubble wrap


Note: For this recipe, you will want to use either chocolate-flavored candy coating, or tempered real chocolate. If you simply melt chocolate, without tempering, the resulting decorations will soften easily at room temperature and might not hold their shape in warm weather.

1. Begin by placing a piece of clean, dry bubble wrap on a baking sheet with the small bubbles facing up.

2. If you are using candy coating, place it in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave it in 30-second intervals, stirring after every 30 seconds, until it is melted and smooth. If you want to use real chocolate, follow these instructions for tempering it.

3. Once your coating is melted or your chocolate is tempered, pour it out onto the piece of bubble wrap. Use an offset spatula or a knife to spread it in an even layer. Make it thick enough so that you the texture of the bubble wrap can only barely be seen, if at all. If you can see every ridge of the bubbles, it is too thin and will be delicate and diffcult to work with.

4. Let the chocolate set completely at room temperature. Once set, carefully invert the bubble wrap so that the chocolate is on the bottom. Gently peel the bubble wrap off the top of the chocolate, exposing the honeycomb pattern.

5. Break or cut the chocolate into your desired sizes. Store Chocolate Honeycomb in an airtight container at room temperature, separated by layers of waxed paper to prevent scuffs.

Alternative decorating idea: To create different colored swirls, first drizzle the top of the bubble wrap with white or colored chocolate, and let it set completely before following the steps above. For a marbled look, combine white and dark chocolate in a bowl and swirl just once or twice—it should not be well-mixed at all! Pour the chocolate in a swirling motion over the bubble wrap, trying to cover as much area as possible. Gently spread the chocolate into an even layer. The back might look a bit muddy, but the front should have a much more pleasing marbled effect.

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