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Chocolate Orange Fondue


Chocolate Orange Fondue
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Chocolate Orange Fondue uses leftover chocolate oranges (or other orange-flavored chocolate) to produce a citrusy, vibrantly flavored chocolate fondue that's perfect for dipping fruits, pretzels, cake, or other treats.

If you want to make this recipe with regular chocolate, see the note at the bottom of the instructions.

Yield: 3 cups chocolate fondue


  • 2 chocolate oranges (about 12 oz chocolate total)
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup whole milk
  • 1 tbsp Grand Marnier or other orange liqueur (optional)


1. Unwrap the chocolate oranges and chop them into small piece. Place the chopped chocolate in a large heat-safe bowl.

2. Put the heavy cream and 1/4 cup of the whole milk into a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, and bring it to a simmer.

3. Pour the hot cream over the chopped chocolate, and let it sit for a minute to soften. Gently whisk the cream and chocolate together until it is smooth, shiny, and all of the chocolate is melted. If you have Grand Marnier, whisk in a tablespoon or so to boost the orange flavor.

4. Serve the Chocolate Orange Fondue immediately while it is still warm. This fondue pairs wonderfully with berries, oranges, poundcake, and pretzels.

5. As the fondue sits and cools it will get thicker, so you can either keep it over very low heat if you have a fondue set, or whisk in the remaining 1/4 cup whole milk to thin it out.

6. Store remaining Chocolate Orange Fondue in the refrigerator, and warm it up over a water bath, whisking gently, until it is liquid.

Note: If you want to make this fondue without using chocolate oranges, use the same proportions of chocolate and cream. When you heat the cream, add the zest of two oranges. Once the cream is simmering, take it off the heat and cover the pot to infuse the cream with orange flavor for one hour. After an hour, return it to the heat, bring it to a simmer, and pour it through a strainer into the chocolate. You now have orange-flavored chocolate! You can still add Grand Marnier to further boost the orange flavor.

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