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Candy Bar Recipes

Make Homemade Versions of Your Favorite Candy Bars


I love the taste of my favorite store-bought candy bars, but I don't love the cost and all the mystery ingredients. Did you know that with just a few ingredients and a little time, you can make dozens of your favorite candy bars in your own kitchen? These homemade candy bars are fresh, delicious, and make amazing gifts. Try making your own candy bars today!

1. Snackers Candy Bars

snickers candy bar
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This candy bar recipe features a layer of soft peanut-studded caramel on top of a light and chewy peanut nougat, all enrobed in delicious chocolate. Can you guess which popular candy bar this one resembles? The answer will make you snicker.

2. Twix Candy Bars

Homemade Twix Bars
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Homemade Twix Bars have a crunchy cookie base, smooth caramel center, and rich chocolate coating, just like their namesake. But because these homemade Twix are made fresh with good ingredients, I think they taste even better than the original!

3. Three Amigos Candy Bars

three musketeers candy bar
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Three Amigos candy bars are quick and simple chocolate-covered bars filled with rich chocolate nougat. The nougat is a quick and easy recipe made from chocolate chips and marshmallow cream. These bars are perfect for sharing with your two closest friends.

4. Silky Way Candy Bars

milky way
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What do you get when you combine rich, fluffy chocolate nougat with creamy caramel? Silky Way Bars, of course! Using marshmallow cream in the nougat and store-bought caramels makes these bars a snap to throw together.

5. Almond Delights

almond joy
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Chewy coconut is topped with whole toasted almonds and covered in chocolate, just like your favorite candy bar. If you don’t like almonds, they can be omitted and the candy will still be delicious.

6. Nutterfingers Candy Bars

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These candy bars are covered with chocolate and filled with a light peanut center that shatters into thin, crispy layers when you bite into it. If you love the combination of peanut and chocolate then this is the bar for you!

7. Million Dollar Candy Bars

Million Dollar Bars
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Million Dollar Candy Bars are a homemade version of the 100 Grand candy bar. A luscious strip of caramel is coated with a mixture of chocolate and rice crispies for a crunchy, chewy treat.

8. Design-Your-Own Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars
Elizabeth LaBau

 Who needs stale store-bought bars when you can make your own? This easy recipe (really, it's more of a formula than an actual recipe) will have you making your own chocolate bars in just a few minutes. Try making a whole tray of different flavors!

9. Chocolate Caramel Candy Bars

candy bars
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These mini candy bars, packed with soft caramel and salty cashews, aren't meant to mimic popular candy bars--they'rel originals! You can substitute any of your favorite nuts or even dried fruit into these bars for a completely customized candy bar all your own.

10. Deep-Fried Candy Bars

Deep-Fried Candy Bars
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Want even more indulgence? This photo tutorial will show you how to deep-fry any candy bar and turn it into a golden treat that's crunchy on the outside and soft and melted on the inside! There's also a video showing how to deep-fry candy bars.

11. Candy Bar Fudge

candy bar fudge
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This fudge has all the signature flavors and textures of a candy bar, but in a smaller package. Chocolate, peanut nougat, caramel, and salted nuts are in each bite of this delicious fudge.

12. Almond Joy Fudge

almond joy fudge
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Almond Joy Fudge features shredded coconut and chunks of almonds in a rich chocolate fudge base. This microwave fudge comes together in only a few minutes, but tastes like a gourmet version of the popular candy bar.

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