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How to Apply Edible Gold Leaf


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Gather Your Ingredients
How to Use Gold Leaf
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Edible gold leaf adds a beautiful, classy touch to truffles, chocolates, and other candies. This tutorial will show you how to apply sheets of gold leaf to your candies to create elegant edible art! For 1-page printable instructions, please see this Edible Gold Leaf instruction page.

Begin by gathering your ingredients. You will need:

  • Sheet of edible gold leaf, 22-24 carats (for more information, see: What Is Gold Leaf?)
  • Sharp paring knife or razor
  • Clean, dry paintbrush
  • Candies to decorate with gold leaf
The most important thing to know about working with gold leaf is that it is extremely delicate. The sheets are paper-thin and will wrinkle, tear, or blow away at the slightest touch or gust of air. Avoid touching the gold leaf with your hands, because it will stick to your fingers and become unusable. If possible, wear cotton gloves when working with gold leaf to prevent accidentally touching it and getting it on your hands. Use a very sharp knife and a soft, dry paintbrush to apply the gold leaf, and take care not to breathe heavily onto the leaf, as it will easily blow away or wrinkle up.
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