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How to Cover A Cake With Fondant


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Roll Out the Fondant
How to Cover A Cake in Fondant
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1. Now it’s time to roll the fondant out. If you have a large nonstick mat or cutting board without a texture, those are good options. Otherwise, just use a surface that’s large enough and that won’t mar the fondant with too much texture. If you have a nonstick rolling pin, use that as well. Making sure your workstation still has a light dusting of corn starch, begin to roll the fondant out in the approximate shape of your cake: a circle for a round cake, a rectangle for a rectangular cake, etc.

2. As I’m rolling, I like to occasionally life the fondant and rotate it 45 degrees. This ensures it’s not sticking to the mat, and it also helps me roll more evenly.

3. Roll the fondant until it is the size you need. For a round 9-inch cake that’s 3 inches high, you’ll need your circle to be at least 15 inches around (two 3-inch sides plus 9 inches across) but you should aim for an inch or two of flexibility on each side. So for your 9-inch cake, the optimal size will be a fondant circle about 17 inches across.

4. Once you finish rolling, your fondant will ideally have a thickness of about 1/8 inch. A little thicker is okay, but I don’t like to go thinner than that, otherwise the fondant is too easy to tear or rip.

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How to Cover a Cake in Fondant

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