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How to Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets


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Assemble Your Supplies
chocolate transfer sheets
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Chocolate transfer sheets are simple to use, yet they give chocolate desserts a professional, finished appearance and a distinctive touch. This tutorial will teach the basics of working with chocolate transfer sheets, and will provide several examples of using transfer sheets to decorate cakes, cupcakes, and dipped cookies or candy. You might also be interested in the supplemental tutorial showing how to wrap a cake with chocolate transfer sheets.

To begin, you will need to assemble several specialty ingredients. First, you will need one or more chocolate transfer sheets, which are acetate sheets embossed with cocoa butter and powdered food coloring. When the wet chocolate is spread on the sheets, the design transfers to the chocolate, producing a lovely visual effect. Chocolate transfer sheets are often sold at cake decorating stores and on the Internet.

You will also need chocolate-flavored candy coating, or molding chocolate. This candy product is flavored like chocolate, but has vegetable or palm oils instead of cocoa butter. You can use tempered chocolate instead, but it is more time-consuming and less predictable. It is wise for beginners to start with candy coating, a much more reliable substance, to achieve consistently good results. Candy coating is often sold at cake decorating and craft stores, with Wilton Candy Melts being one of the most popular brands. The amount of candy coating needed will vary depending on your project, but you will probably want at least 12 ounces to wrap a small cake.

Finally, you will need an offset metal spatula. The chocolate will need to be spread in a very thin, very even layer over the transfer sheet, and this is most effectively done with an offset spatula. You will also need whatever baked goods or candy centers you are planning on using for your project.

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