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How to Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets


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Press Transfer Sheets Onto Dipped Candies
chocolate transfer sheet
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All of the techniques above are intended for producing cake and pastry decorations. But you can also use transfer sheets to decorate chocolate-dipped treats. This method works best with a flat surface, so I recommend using it for dipped sandwich cookies, or caramel, toffee, or ganache squares. The example above uses chocolate cream-filled sandwich cookie, which are excellent dipped in chocolate!

Begin by cutting your transfer sheets into small squares slightly larger than the objects you will be dipping. You will need one transfer sheet square for each dipped item. Dip a cookie or piece of candy in the melted chocolate, and place it on a baking sheet covered with waxed paper or foil. While the chocolate is still wet, place the textured side of a transfer square onto the top of the chocolate and gently use your finger to press down and make sure that the entire surface of the chocolate is contact with the sheet. Repeat this process with the remaining candies and transfer squares.

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