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Top 10 Chocolate Valentine's Day Gifts


Nothing says Valentine's Day like a big box of chocolate! Is your sweetie all about truffles? More of a nuts-and-chews kind of person? Bonkers over bars? Or perhaps all of the above? The About.com Guide to Candy will help you find the perfect chocolate gift just in time for the big day.

1. Jacques Torres Chocolate

Chocolates are assembled into a gift box at Jacques Torres Chocolate April 5, 2007 in the Soho neighborhood of New York City. New York City.
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Jacques Torres, master chocolatier, offers a wide variety of Valentine's treats, from the sublime (champagne truffles) to the saucy (edible body paint). His Sweetheart Collection goes beyond bonbons to offer an array of chocolates, sauces, and chocolate-covered nuts and fruits sure to please even the most exacting palette.

2. Lake Champlain Chocolates Grand Valentine Box

Lake Champlain is a premier home-grown chocolate company. Although small in scale, the quality and taste of their products are impeccable. The Grand Valentine Box is a beautiful 22-piece assortment of chocolates, including truffles, creams, caramels, and bark.
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3. Recchiuti Confections Valentine's Box

Michael Recchiuti, the self-proclaimed "Picasso of chocolate," creates beautifully designed ganache-based treats. His confections are infused with a variety of herbs, spices, and teas, and his large Valentine's box includes 32 unique and dazzling pieces. Read the full review to learn more.

4. Chocolove Chocolate Bars

The name says it all! Chocolove bars come artfully wrapped in paper that doubles as a love note--inside each wrapper is a love poem, perfect for reading out loud while sharing a bar of chocolate. Chocolove has debuted a new flavor for Valentine's Day: Chiles and Cherries in Dark Chocolate. The kick of the chile powder, the tartness of the cherries, and the smoky depth of the dark chocolate is a powerful combination that is sure to ignite some passion.
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5. ZChocolat - Full Service Valentine's Day Chocolates

ZChocolat takes Valentine's Day chocolate boxes to a higher plane. The packaging and design is simply gorgeous, and the available amenities are beyond posh. Would you like to personally engrave that box of chocolates? How about attaching a customized padlocked heart? Or perhaps have a French concierge call your beloved to announce the arrival of the chocolate? If you're looking for the ultimate combination of taste and luxury, try ZChocolat.

6. Godiva Valentine Collection

Godiva made a name for itself by bringing high-end chocolate to the masses. Godiva's gift baskets and towers offer an assortment of classic candies with seasonal decorations, ribbons and cards.

7. Nantucket Chocolatier Valentine's Boxes

If just one box of chocolate won't do, try a tower! Nantucket Chocolatier offers a tower of three heart-shaped boxes that include truffles, chocolate-covered cranberries, creams, nuts, and other treats. Smaller assortments of these gourmet goodies are also available.

8. Lindt Valentine Collections

Lindt, the fine Swiss chocolate company, offers a wide variety of Valentine packaging with their truffles and bars, including gift baskets, heart-shaped boxes, and teddy bears.
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9. Ghiradelli Chocolates

Many of the Ghiradelli Valentine's Day chocolates feature their well-known "squares," small one-inch bites of chocolate flavored with mint, caramel, white chocolate, and more. They offer special packaging, including heart gift boxes and even a "Bad to the Bone" gift with a stuffed dog--perfect for the animal lover in your life.
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10. Amore Heart-Shaped Chocolate Pizzas

Amore makes "chocolate pizzas," which include a base of chocolate, marshmallows, peanuts, and crispy rice cereal topped with coconut, cherries, and other goodies designed to resemble pizza toppings. For Valentine's Day, they are offering heart-shaped chocolate pizzas in several flavors, including Smore Amore, Peanut Butter Dreams, Toffeelicious, and Break-a-Leg.

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