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Special Occasions and Holiday Candy Recipes

Candy plays a big role in many holiday celebrations. Here you can find recipes and candy traditions for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and more. Also look for recipes and tips for creating the perfect finishing touch on your desserts with sugar and chocolate decorations.
  1. Christmas Candy Recipes (80)
  2. Easter Candy Recipes (36)
  3. Halloween Candy Recipes (93)
  4. July 4th Candy Recipes (12)
  5. Passover Candy Recipes (3)
  6. St. Patrick's Day Candy (20)
  7. Thanksgiving Candy Recipes (26)
  8. Valentine's Day Candy (50)

Oscar Party Candy Recipes
The 2010 Oscars are almost here, and if you're planning on watching them or hosting a party, you'll need some serious munchies to get you through the ceremony. To celebrate the awards, I've come up with candies that are connected to or inspired by some of the Best Picture nominees. If you're planning on watching the show this weekend, any (or all!) of these candies make great Oscar-viewing snacks.

April Fool's Day Truffles
This truffle recipe features an unpleasant April Fool’s Day surprise on the inside.

Kitty Litter Candy
Kitty Litter Candy is a great April Fool’s Day recipe. Chocolate rice crispy treats and Tootsie Rolls are made to resemble a used kitty litter box.

Cinco de Mayo Candy Recipes
Every Cinco de Mayo deserves a party, and every Cinco de Mayo party deserves candy! Try these delicious Mexican-inspired candy recipes for your next Cinco de Mayo get-together.j

Candy Sushi
This candy sushi recipe makes adorable sushi look-alikes from Rice Krispies, gummy worms, and other premade candies.

2007 Oscar Party Candy Recipes
Stumped over what to serve at your Oscar viewing party? Try these themed candies, designed to accompany some of the most prominent nominated movies.

Black-Eyed Peanut Butter Peas
These festive peanut butter candies, similar to Buckeyes, contain a special chocolate surprise and are decorated to resemble black-eyed peas. Perfect for a New Year's party!

Cinco de Mayo Candy Recipes
A list of Cinco de Mayo candy recipes, including Mexican chocolate candies, mango candies, spicy candies, and dulce de leche candies.

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