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Cinco de Mayo Candy Recipes


Dulce de Leche candy photo

Dulce de Leche Candy

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Cinco De Mayo seems to be Spanish for “Big Party” in the United States. This May holiday provides a great excuse to get together with friends and feast on traditional (and not-so-traditional) Mexican foods. These Cinco de Mayo candy recipes are designed to compliment a range of Mexican menus, and will provide the perfect finish to your Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Spicy Candies

One hallmark of Mexican cooking is the use of fragrant spices like cinnamon and chile in all manner of dishes, including dessert. Try these unique, delicious spiced candy recipes and you may never eat plain candies and chocolates again.

Dulce de Leche and Caramel Candies

Caramel-flavored desserts are among the most popular in Mexican cooking. These candies all incorporate caramel flavor in some form, whether it be the milky taste of Dulce de Leche, or the dark sweetness of caramelized sugar.

Fruity Candies

Where would Mexican cuisine be without fruit? Fruits like mango, pineapple and lime are often used to accent dishes, and many times they can stand as full desserts on their own.

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