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Top 10 Fall Candy Recipes


Fall flavors don't have to be relegated just to the Thanksgiving table. Ingredients like pumpkin, cranberry, cinnamon, and can be used in delicious candies that are perfect for any fall celebration. Enjoy these Thanksgiving and fall candy recipes and bring a taste of autumn to your sweets!

1. Pumpkin Butterscotch Fudge

pumpkin fudge
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No list of fall foods would be complete without a pumpkin entry! In this smooth and rich fudge, pumpkin puree and spices provide a warm, comforting pie flavor, while sour cream and butterscotch add a sweet, tangy undertone.

2. Glazed Cranberries

glazed cranberries
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Fresh cranberries are rolled in sparkling granulated sugar for a beautiful sweet-tart fall candy. The sugary coating is crunchy, while the fresh berry inside bursts with juice when you bite into it.

3. Pecan Pie Fudge

Pecan Pie Fudge
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If you love the taste of pecan pie, you will love this fudge! Toasted pecans bring a deep nutty flavor to this delicious brown sugar fudge.

4. Maple Pecan Brittle

maple brittle
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Maple Pecan Brittle is a buttery toffee with a robust maple flavor and a nice crunch from toasted pecans.

5. Apple Cider Caramels

apple cider caramels
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In these Apple Cider Caramels, the sweet, slightly burnt caramelized sugar taste pairs perfectly with the tart apple cider, spicy cinnamon, and rich butter. These caramels are soft, silky-smooth, and won’t stick in your teeth.

6. Cranberry Brown Sugar Fudge

Cranberry Brown Sugar Fudge
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Cranberry Brown Sugar Fudge is a smooth, creamy fudge with a warm fall flavor from cinnamon, brown sugar, dried cranberries, and toasted pecans.

7. Maple Fondant Acorns

Maple Fondant Acorns
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Maple Fondant Acorns are cute balls of maple fondant formed into acorn shapes and decorated with a chocolate-and-nut acorn cap. The combination of sweet, creamy maple fondant, bittersweet chocolate, and salty nuts is irresistible.

8. Brown Sugared Walnuts

brown sugared walnuts
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Toasted walnuts are coated with brown sugar and sour cream for a darkly sweet, tangy taste. This recipe has been rated 5 stars by our readers!

9. Creamy Maple Fudge

Creamy Maple Fudge
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Creamy Maple Fudge has a silky-smooth texture and a wonderful fall flavor from real maple syrup and crunchy toasted nuts. I like using pecans or walnuts in this recipe, but hazelnuts would also work well.

10. Caramel Apples

caramel apples
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Crisp apples, covered with a layer of buttery, chewy caramel--what's not to love? This is a basic caramel apple recipe, but you can customize it by adding chopped nuts, crushed candies, toasted coconut, or chocolate...or all of the above!

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